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Play any sport in seconds and create connections with like minded sports enthusiasts.

Who we are

LEET is a gamified community based platform for amateur sports enthusiasts.

Founded in 2020, our goal is to revolutionise the sports industry and make sports accessible and fun for EVERYONE.

LEET provides phygital sports experiences for amateur enthusiasts. Our interactive and gamified platform brings sports enthusiasts together, offering a one-stop platform for playing and enjoying sports.



LEET has been built in such a way that literally anyone can join and play irrespective of the sport, gender, physical abilities, whether you're a newbie or not, young or old. LEET welcomes you to play!



Make an announcement and find your missing player in seconds.


Build a community, join groups in any sports you like and create your tribe.


Join your friends, meet new people, enjoy a party and simply have fun!



• Sign up and join the growing community of LEET
• Make announcements with your availability
• Find other like minded sports enthusiasts
• Challenge other teams
• Organise events
• Book a pitch and more

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